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Dental Office
9970 Szentgotthárd,
Mathiász Artúr u. 13.
Phone: 00 36 94 380 804

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- Are dental interventions painful?
Not at all. We carry out the treatments with careful local anaesthetization.

- Does a treatment take long?
We carry out efficient treatments so we try to finish them as soon as possible. As most of our patients come from far, we usually treat several teeth on one occasion, and this of course takes up much time.

- Can I drive after a treatment?
In most cases You can. We try to program the interventions so that You can drive Your car safely. Of course, You can bring a companion with You if it is more reassuring for You.

- Is caries (tooth decay) inheritable?
Caries is caused by bacteria in case there are certain factors existing so it cannot be inherited. However, for example the jammed position of teeth, which fosters the development of caries, is hereditable.

- How many times a day do I have to clean my teeth?
Cleaning Your teeth thoroughly (2-3 mins) twice a day (after breakfast an after dinner) is sufficient. The most important thing is efficiency, so after meals, You should remove the plaque from the surface of Your teeth and from the interdental embrasure as well.

- Can the implant be pushed out by my organism?
Practically it is impossible. Implants are made of such a tissue-friendly material (titanium) in connection with which allergic and rejection reactions are not known.

- Is it worth going to health-maintenance examinations even if I do not have any problems?
Our teeth are exposed to different effects during the 24 hours of the day, so abnormalities can develop during some months.
These abnormalities are not always easy to recognize and diagnose.
That is why You should appear in the dental office for a health-maintenance examination at least once a year.


- What is acid erosion?
According to the newest examinations, the degree of acidity of the popular drinks (100 % orange juice, Ice tea, Cola, energy drinks) of our age is so high that they are able to loosen the structure of the enamel. You should not clean Your teeth after consuming such drinks immediately but only 30-60 minutes later or else typical cervical attrition can be caused by Your toothbrush. So the right method is to rinse Your mouth immediately after drinking such refreshments and clean Your teeth only 30-60 minutes later.

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